Greetings Wildcats!


We all know you support NUBAA. You’ve been seen at our events. You populate our social media sites. You donate to our alma mater. Now, it is time to stand and be counted!

We need every one of you to activate your FREE NUBAA MEMBERSHIP—that’s right, FREE. We need your support to demonstrate our collective strength and commitment to NUBAA’s and NU’s goals. Your NUBAA membership also affords you discounted rates to all NUBAA events. To access your free NUBAA membership, sign up on the NUBAA page of Our Northwestern (a new NU-exclusive social community).

Visit and “Follow” the NUBAA space on Our Northwestern to connect with NUBAA club members, join in discussions, learn about club perks and membership, share photos, and more – JOIN TODAY!


  • Go to Our Northwestern “Welcome” page:
  • CLICK “Sign-in” and register using one of your existing social accounts. (Gmail, Yahoo, NU email, etc.)
  • CLICK “Join Communities” then CLICK “Clubs”.
  • TYPE “NUBAA” in the search box and CLICK on the yellow NUBAA club icon.
  • CLICK “Pay or Renew Dues” on right side of screen to sign up for free membership.
  • If this is your first time visiting Our Northwestern, there will likely be a 24 hour delay between your registering on the website and your ability to join NUBAA.

For questions regarding membership contact Jennifer Taylor. For technical questions regarding sign up on Our Northwestern contact Christyn Henson.

Questions or Comments? Use the contact form.

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