Corporate Sponsors and Member Donors:

On behalf of the Northwestern University Black Alumni Association (NUBAA), I want to offer you an opportunity to support and/or sponsor NUBAA. Use us to showcase your organization to more than 4,500 NUBAA members across the United States and in more than 7 foreign countries. I invite you to attend and participate in NUBAA programming through support of one of our Global Sponsorships.

As Northwestern University’s (NU) first affinity club and the 2013 NU Club of the year, NUBAA holds a distinguished place among NU Alumni organizations. In 2014, NUBAA is expanding and enhancing its cadre of legacy programming and signature events through the support of corporate partnerships and donations. Throughout this website and at your request you will find details on our global and individual event sponsorship opportunities.

NUBAA is focused on global sponsorship for its anchor events. Through publicity and promotional benefits, a Global Sponsorship will put your company front and center at all of our anchor events. This means repeated exposure to our members, and through invitation to NU’s 20,000+ alumni; and our countless attendees, partners and supporters.

As a sponsor, your support will make it possible for NUBAA to expand networking opportunities, engage more members and mentor the next generation of alumni. Our objective is to highlight sponsoring partners in the way that is most meaningful to them and to provide them with broad visibility. While we provide a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities, we recognize that organizations have differing needs and objectives. If you are interested in modifying an existing sponsorship opportunity or designing a new opportunity to better fit your needs, please let us know and we will work with you to develop a mutually beneficial arrangement.

NUBAA operates as a dues-free organization to its members. We are completely dependent on donations and sponsorship to support our goals, programming and scholarships. All that we are does not happen without friends and supporters.

Please make all contributions payable to Northwestern University Black Alumni Association. If you are a corporation interested in supporting NUBAA, send a request for more information through the Contact Form, and we will contact you and forward a Corporate Sponsor information packet.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact NUBAA Financial Development Chair Deanna Burrell. We appreciate any support that you can provide.

We look forwarding to welcoming you as a partner at our next NUBAA event!



Jeffrey Sterling, MD

President, Northwestern University Black Alumni Association

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