Special Event: Destination Homecoming Theatrical Performance and NUBAA SBI-Arts Event – “In the Red and Brown Water”

We are pleased to share the RSVP link for the free NUBAA Student Based Initiatives (SBI) Arts event with the cast and crew of IN THE RED AND BROWN WATER on Saturday, October 7 from 5:00-6:30PM at the Louis Theatre.


Food will be provided.  Director Jerrell L. Henderson will be joining and the cast and crew are invited to attend.  You can come and go as they wish since this is an informal meet-and-greet, and the timing will allow you to get to the DH Party by 9 pm!

Also, the link includes a discount code for NUBAA members to see the show.  Feel free to share as you wish!

As a reminder, we have three Student Based Initiatives (alumni/student) mixers during Destination Homecoming week (registration for all DH17 events can be accessed by clicking this link):

  • Athletes Connect: Wednesday, October 4th from 6:30 – 8 pm at the Black House
  • The General SBI roll out in conjunction with the Commemoration Launch: Friday, October 6th from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Black House
  • The Arts SBI event as noted above.

Later in the year, look for additional NUBAA SBI events in Business/Entrepreneurship, Engineering, the Health Professions and Law. See you beginning Wednesday. Go Cats!

 NUBAA Executive Director (Senior Associate Director for Alumni Engagement) Position Now Available

As you are aware, NUBAA has seen tremendous activity and growth. The construction of a large operational infrastructure has presented the need to ensure stability and continuation of our best efforts. To that end, over the last year, we have been in discussions with Northwestern’s Department of Alumni Relations and Development about permanent, targeted support for NUBAA.

We are extremely proud to announce NU has approved a new position that will be responsible for the enhancement and cultivation of the Black alumni community through the development of strategies to better engage black alumni with Northwestern and with each other. The Senior Associate Director for Alumni Engagement will report directly to Laura M. Wayland, Executive Director of the Northwestern Alumni Association. S/he will serve as the primary point of contact with NUBAA to develop and implement alumni and student based initiatives for Northwestern, starting with having an integral role in the activities of the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Bursar’s Office Takeover.

This position will also develop and implement programming and outreach to connect black alumni back to Northwestern. The Senior Associate Director will serve as a liaison to student life and diversity units on campus.

This position is posted on the website. If you have any questions or know of someone you think would be interested in the position, please reach out to me.

Job Opening ID: 31416

Posting Title: Senior Associate Director, Alumni Engagement

To view this Job Opening, visit:

Senior Associate Director for Alumni Engagement


Reminder: Engineers Connect Event Tomorrow!

The next NUBAA Student Based Initiatives launch is tomorrow: Engineers Connect. Come enjoy Hecky’s and Career Coaching at Tech, sponsored by BNY Mellon, and hosted by Tony Wilkins, McCormick ’79 (Managing Director at BNY Mellon) and NSBE President Bobbie Burgess.


We’re looking forward to seeing those of you who RSVPed and keeping the rest of you in the loop. This is our second annual Engineering student/alumni mixer event and the fourth Student Based Initiatives launch this year!

The mentoring event will take place in LR4 in Tech and we will start at 6:30.

Everyone will have a few moments to introduce ourselves, followed by brief discussions with students to test their ‘icebreaker’ skills. The student participants were giving a little homework to be able to answer the following questions;

1.       Prepare a five word answer to the question: Tell me about yourself. Those words should be the ‘subject line’ for a subsequent explanatory narrative. Eg. I’m an “engineering alum turned early-stage investor”. …using early-stage as one word!

2.      Prepare a five word answer to the question; Where do you see yourself in 3 or five years? “I don’t know” is a perfectly good answer but if you do have one, explain it as a ‘subject line’ with details to follow. 

3.      Have them bring a draft version of their resume in a word doc on their laptop to the session for on-the-spot suggested modifications. 

Please come out. Even if your career path wasn’t in engineering although you majored in it, your presence will be of value!

NUBAA New logo

Engineers Connect! A NUBAA Student Based Initiative

Presenting the next NUBAA Student Based Initiatives launch:

Engineers Connect

Come enjoy Hecky’s and Career Coaching at Tech, sponsored by BNY Mellon.


Join hosts Tony Wilkins, McCormick ’79 (Managing Director at BNY Mellon) and NSBE President Bobbie Burgess, to enjoy some Hecky’s Barbecue and deliver some mentoring and networking. We invite all McCormick grads and current students to join us on campus November 11th at 6:30pm at Tech (Room to be announced later). Other prominent alums including Judith Toland, Ava Youngblood and Tanya Woods, who will provide some real world guidance and interview pointers to NSBE members at their Fall meeting. To RSVP, contact Tony at Anthony.Wilkins@bnymellon.com.


Go Cats!

NUBAA New logo

Event Recap: Athletes Connect – A NUBAA Student Based Initiatives Program


The inaugural “Athletes Connect” NUBAA Student Based Initiatives was held at the Black House this past Wednesday (Oct. 12). Co-sponsored with the Department of Athletics, and hosted by NUBAA President Dr. Jeffrey Sterling, Attorney Derrick Thompson (Big Ten Conference Advisory Commission – NU Representative), and FMO Coordinator Cheron Mims, the event was joyous, boisterous and productive.

The Athletes Connect event featured a roster of prominent current and past male and female NU student athletes from football, basketball and soccer. Great comments were delivered from Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion Jabbar Bennett, NUBAA Treasurer/Past Big Ten CAC Representative Daryl Newell, NUBAA Athletic SBI Coordinator Alex Moyer, and past NU soccer legend Oliver Kupe, among many others in the crowd.

Thank you to our host committee:

  • Christopher Rooney – Football (WCAS 92 / Kellogg 02)
  • Oliver Kupe – Soccer (WCAS 12)
  • Lauren Lowery (McC 89)
  • Rishal Dinkins – Women’s Basketball (WCAS 87/Kellogg 93 )
  • Daryl Newell – Football (WCAS 86)

The NUBAA SBIs are an effort to match current students with alumni in their fields of interest, providing mentorship, internships, externships and career opportunities. NUBAA current offers the following SBIs:

  • Arts
  • Athletics
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Engineering
  • Journalism
  • Health/Medicine
  • Legal Careers

Hundreds of NUBAA members have signed up to participate in the 2016 SBIs! Our next event is the general SBI launch, to be held in concert with the Black House Homecoming Reception/Parade Viewing Event, Friday, October 21st (5 pm – 7 pm). See you there!


NUBAA Nation – Call to Action (Part One): Ongoing Participation


When the current NUBAA administration began just over one year ago, our first action was to eliminate dues for the NUBAA membership. The logic was we needed to prove ourselves valuable to gain your trust and worthy enough to ask for your participation. In doing so, we became the first NU club to eliminate dues, and with our subsequent membership drive, we became NU’s largest club based on membership. That was the intent. We knew we needed large membership numbers that could be mobilized if needed. Furthermore we’ve grown our infrastructure to include NUBAA clubs in 26 cities around the country with varying levels of activity.

You may have also noticed that over the past year we have not engaged in a single fundraising drive. Again, we felt we needed to focus on providing value prior to asking for your financial support. We believe our programming from being NU’s most active club during homecoming, to the expanded NUBAA 5K Race to Diversity and the NUBAA Multicity Mixers have offered value to your membership. Of course, we modestly suggest the NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence could be the most fantastic event put on by any alumni group within NU.

Business Directory

Have you seen www.nubaa.org? Are you aware of the NUBAA Business Directory? Have you heard of our national partnership with Merrill Lynch? Did you know hundreds of alumni interact with students across multiple disciplines in the NUBAA Student Based Initiatives? It’s not only that. We’re planning the first ever archive of the African-American experience at Northwestern. And we’re preparing for the 50th anniversary of the Bursar’s takeover.

NUBAA has grown up and is fulfilling its promise and legacy. We are proactive. We have a programmatic agenda that was developed for this term that encompasses all of the above and more. We have a business plan meant to grow NUBAA into a million dollar a year entity. Imagine the good we can do with that type of revenue – the scholarship opportunities, the ability to advocate for our causes and support initiatives of interest.

However, to get there requires work, effort and participation. And so we ask you for two considerations. Today, we will focus on your active and proactive participation. NUBAA has openings on its Board, its national committees and within its local groups (we call them MultiCity Groups as a nod to our annual MultiCity Mixers). Please review the following.

Board of Directors

NUBAA Board 2015

In general our Board structure seeks redundancy with an eye toward both high performance and grooming talent. For positions other than President and Vice-President, we seek to have assistants in place such that both an experienced and younger alum are working together.

  • Current Board of Director-level openings:
    • Assistant Treasurer (1)
    • Assistant Secretary (1)
    • Financial Development Director (1 – responsible for corporate and member fundraising)
  • Current National Committee openings:
    • Programming Chairperson (1) and Programming Committee members (4)
    • Membership Chairperson (1) and Membership Committee (4)
    • Marketing and Communication Committee (4)
  • Anchor Event Committee participation
    • Homecoming and Reunions (4)
    • NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence (4)
    • NUBAA 5K Race to Diversity (4)
    • NUBAA Multicity Mixers
      • National Chairperson (1)
      • Committee Members (4)
      • Involvement with your local NUBAA Group (unlimited; see below)
    • National MultiCity Group Co-Coordinators (2)
    • Student Based Initiatives committee:
      • The NUBAA SBIs are direct efforts to have alumni interact with students, providing mentorship, job opportunities and other activities. Committee members and volunteers are need for all the SBI (no limit)
        • Athletics
        • Arts
        • Business and Entrepreneurship
        • Engineering
        • Health/Medicine
        • Journalism
        • Law
      • Task Forces, et al
        • NUBAA Business Directory National Coordinator (1)
        • NUBAA Archive Committee (5)
        • 2018 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Bursar Takeover

The NUBAA MultiCity Groups

In case you didn’t know, we’re active all over the country. Here is a listing of our MultiCity Groups. Get active locally and let’s make things happen from wherever you are! Don’t see your city and know you have Wildcats in the area? Start a group. Just let us know.

  • Arlington/Northern Virginia
  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Columbia, S.C./East Georgia
  • Columbus (OH)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth
  • DC
  • Detroit
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • Memphis/Nashville
  • Miami/S. Florida
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul



  • New Orleans
  • Newark
  • NYC
  • Phoenix
  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco/Oakland
  • St. Louis




As you can see, NUBAA is a very active organization. We need your involvement or whatever level you care to donate it. Join a NUBAA committee nationally or get involved with a club locally. To do so fill out the general interest contact form below.

Thank you NUBAA Nation Wildcats!

The NUBAA 2015 Annual Meeting – Exhale!

NUBAA Annual Meeting 2

So… we had a wonderfully productive Annual Meeting today. We discussed many things, all of which were things in which you should have an interest. Expanding scholarships for students. Enhancing procurement and career opportunities for alumni. The 50th commemoration of the 1968 Bursar’s Takeover. Expansion and improvements of the Black House. Creating an archive of the history of those of African descent on the Northwestern University campus. The NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence Gala. Mentoring students. The 5K Race for Diversity. Our Advisory Board meeting with President Shapiro and approximately 15 other senior members of administration, faculty and staff. Destination Homecoming 2015. Expanding our reach into 26 cities across the US. The NUBAA Business Directory. The MultiCity Mixers. How we became the first NU Club to eliminate dues. Our collaborations with LANU, NUGALA, NUMBALUMS, NU-A5, the NU Clubs of Chicago, DC and DFW. Enhancing www.nubaa.org. Increasing student enrollment. The new African-American hires as Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, as well as Director of Multicultural Student Affairs. Becoming a million dollar a year club… exhale.

Yes, all of this and more were discussed at the Annual Meeting.

NUBAA Annual meeting 1

But you weren’t there.

Now to be clear, we don’t need you to attend a meeting as much as we need you to participate. And to be fair, you’ve done that in droves at our events. Yet, we still don’t have the manpower we need to address the challenges confronting us and to better spread the workload. Our membership is 4500 strong, and we have information on file for 3200 of you. Yet all of this work is mostly being done by a group of about 10 individuals. I think it’s reasonable that we enlist 5% of our membership to work on the myriad of challenges and opportunities available to us.

NUBAA Board 2015

Being involved in NUBAA is not the time-sucker many of you dread it could be. We’ll happily take whatever you can offer in whichever area you’re interested in contributing. Please take a moment, glance at our website and fill out the below contact form. Get involved. You’re needed, and you know your efforts will make a difference. We’re giving you dues for free. Can we get a return on that investment with just a bit of help on one of our projects? #NUBAASTRONG means #NUBAAINVOLVED. Please consider being part of the solution. You’ll be very proud of what we can accomplish together.