NUBAA Task Forces

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NUBAA’s task forces exemplify NUBAA’s active pursuit of its mission and legacy. NUBAA has established four permanent task forces and one special task force to ensure effective and efficient implementation of the key components of its mission and goals.

NUBAA Task Forces

Permanent Task Forces

1) Recruitment, Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation: NUBAA partners with Northwestern to optimize enrollment and maximize the yield of students accepted.

  • NUBAA uses its MultiCity Groups in 25 cities across the country to assist the University in improving student recruitment and enrollment. NUBAA is proud that NU has had five consecutive years of increased enrollment rates among African-American candidates.
  • NUBAA provides mentorship activities and scholarship dollars to contribute to a better student experience and to improve retention and scholarship. Through its Student-Based Initiatives, NUBAA endows students with business acumen. African-American alumni have contributed well over $1M dollars in recent years to various NU scholarship and endowment funds.

2) Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Development: NUBAA partners with Northwestern to identify challenges in recruiting and retaining the best African-American college professors and administrators. This refers both to educators of color and those faculty and staff best suited to educate African-American students and facilitate their student experience.

3) The NUBAA African-American Archive Project: The NUBAA Archives will research, organize, disseminate, publicize and archive the history of persons of African descent who were either students or faculty at Northwestern University from its inception to today. The NUBAA Archives will implement a comprehensive survey of Northwestern schools and departments, and collections held by community organizations and independent historians and creators to compile the history of Blacks at Northwestern. The findings and their display will serve as a significant testament to the enrichment of Northwestern through the roles and presence of people of African descent.

4) NUBAA Giving Campaign – We Will: NUBAA walks lock-step with Northwestern in pursuing greater financial resources for the betterment of the University.

  • NUBAA has established and supports several scholarship efforts to that end.
  • Via mixers held by its MultiCity Groups, NUBAA will engage in annual NULC events to support the University’s financial objectives.

Special Task Force

2018 – The Bursar Takeover Commemoration: NUBAA has begun the planning of the 50th Anniversary of the Event that led to the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion at Northwestern. NUBAA will lead planning for this historic celebration.

For more information on the NUBAA Task Forces contact NUBAA President Jeffrey Sterling, or to REGISTER for participation in one of the task forces, complete the Contact Form below.

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