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Telling It Like It Was: Supporting Black Students

Today the Northwestern University Class of 2018 joins the ranks of alumni. NUBAA has dramatically and emphatically been of service to each generation of Black students at NU. Here are some specific ways in which we demonstrate our commitment and provide support.




Since 2013, NUBAA has raised over $300,000 in student scholarship funds, including support of traditional needs-based funds such as the Gardner-Exum Scholarship Fund, The Alpha Phi Alpha Endowment Fund, The Alpha Kappa Alpha Endowment Fund and the NUBAA Promise Scholarship. In 2015, we introduced the NUBAA Achievement Scholarship (NAS) to offer financial aid eligibility based on performance. In the last three years alone, the NAS has generated over $130,000 in gifts and pledges, and NUBAA itself is making an additional $25,000 contribution to the NAS at its annual meeting!


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In 2014, we developed a student-alumni mentor program we call the NUBAA Student Based Initiatives (SBI). We have had over 400 alumni participate with students via mixers, direct mentoring, internships. Several graduating students have received full term employment from this program.


During 2017-18 academic year, we hosted different SBI events in the following disciplines: The Arts, Athletics, Business & Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Medicine/Health, and the Legal Professions.



In 2015, NUBAA was out front in bringing clarity to the role and evolution of The Black House. Circumstances necessitated development of a petition of students, faculty, staff and alumni including approximately 2500 signatures, followed by participation and oversight in subsequent university efforts that have resulted in a multimillion dollar renovation and reimagining of the space and services offered in the building more synonymous with the Black experience on campus.



THE JOY (Journey of Our Years)

NUBAA has co-sponsored and/or the NUBAA President has participated in The Joy (The Black Celebratory) every year since its inception. In 2016, NUBAA began a new tradition of presenting graduating students purple NUBAA stoles as a measure of welcoming them into the next phase of their Wildcat existence. Enjoy these photos from the 2016 event (other years are available within

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Congratulations to the Class of 2018! Welcome to NUBAA! Go Cats!

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Telling It Like It Was: The Launch of The NUBAA Archives

As much as NUBAA has accomplished over the last few years, you’d be hard pressed to find an initiative more significant and meant to be as long-lasting as the establishment of The NUBAA Archives.

The NUBAA Archives is meant to research, organize, disseminate, publicize and archive the history of persons of African descent who were either students, staff or faculty at Northwestern University from its inception into the future. In time, the NUBAA Archives aspires to implement a comprehensive survey of Northwestern schools and departments, as well as collections held by community organizations and independent historians and creators in order to compile the history of Blacks at Northwestern. We include here a copy of the proposal presentation (NUBAA Archive Presentation FINAL 1 26) submitted by NUBAA for establishment of The NUBAA Archives.

After years of conception and negotiation, a partnership between NUBAA and Northwestern University Libraries brought the project to fruition in 2018. The effort was launched publicly with an incredible discussion with alumnae Johnnetta Cole, PhD (C’59 and C’67), moderated by Provost Jonathan Holloway. View it in total here.

The NUBAA Archives also included the establishment of a permanent position in the Northwestern Archives: The Archivist for the Black Experience, and we welcomed Charla Wilson to Northwestern as the inaugural archivist. Very special thanks go to Sara Pritchard (NU Librarian), Kevin Leonard (NU Archivist), Lauren Lowery (NUBAA Archive Co-Founder and Project Director) and Jeffrey Sterling (NUBAA President and NUBAA Archive Co-Founder) for bringing the project to reality, and to the Provost’s Office for providing financial support. It is notable that several major collections have already been obtained as a result of this effort.

If you would like more information on how to share your artifacts or other documents, please contact us at Go Cats!

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Telling It Like It Was: The 3rd Annual (2017) NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence GalaSalute to

It looked like the third time was the charm. The 2016 Summit was so successful, we cancelled plans to go to Las Vegas and returned to LA, again during Oscars Weekend. In fact, we even got NU President Morty Schapiro to attend (with a huge contingent of officials and administrators from Northwestern, no doubt)! Come back again and again to enjoy the hundreds of pictures from the 2017 NUBAA Summit. Even more photos and videos are available at

2017 Summit Honorees

Opening Session: Club Elevate

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The NUBAA Summit

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Salute to Excellence Gala Honoree Pictures

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Salute to Excellence Gala

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Go Cats!

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Telling It Like It Was: The 2nd Annual NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence Gala

In 2016, after a successful launch in Miami the year before, NUBAA just happened to schedule the NUBAA Summit in Los Angeles the week of the Oscars. Who knew our event would become counter programming for Black Hollywood, and they’d be all over the place at both the Salute to Excellence Gala and the Celebrity Golf Outing ? How many can you identify, including our wonderful honorees? Come back again and again to enjoy the hundreds of pictures from the 2016 NUBAA Summit. Even more are available at

Inaugural Summit (2015)

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2015 Summit Honorees

2016 NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence Gala

Summit Honorees


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NUBAA Celebrity Golf Outing 2016

2016 Celebrity Golf Outing

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Telling It Like It Was: NUBAA Destination Homecoming (DH)

No other group does Homecoming like NUBAA! We’ve always been Northwestern’s busiest club during homecoming, even as we cut our programming in half to better be able to enjoy the official university activities. Enjoy the hundreds of pictures included from DH17 and DH16 activities, including the opening reception, football game, our tailgates, our party, the Sunday brunch and mentoring events. You can’t miss the joy!

DH17 Sunday Brunch

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DH17 Party

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DH16 Game

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DH16 Party



DH15 Terrace Tailgate

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Long live NUBAA Nation! Go Cats!

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Telling It Like It Was: A Pictoral Review of the NUBAA Multicity Mixers

The NUBAA MultiCity Mixers are annual summer events that bring together Wildcats from various cities across the country via simulcast for an evening of fun, fellowship and memories. As NUBAA’s MultiCity Groups have grown from four in 2014 to twenty-nine in 2018, the MultiCity Mixers have also grown.

Enjoy over 100 pictures below from the last few years of MultiCity Mixers. Pictures from older MultiCity Mixers are also organized and stored on


2016-08-05 17.15.322016-08-05 19.48.302016-08-05 20.18.382016-08-05 22.24.2820160805_21065420160805_21070820160805_21074820160805_21054720160805_21081820160805_220410NUBAA DFW 2016 4NUBAA DFW 2016 2NUBAA DFW 2016 3LA5LA4LA1LA3LA2LA6FullSizeRenderIMG_1212IMG_121920160805_21054720160805_21081820160805_22041020160805_210654NUBAA KC 201620160805_21070820160805_210748Seattle3Seattle11Seattle10Seattle9Seattle8Seattle7Seattle5Seattle6Seattle4Seattle1Seattle2mixer_sf4mixer_sf3mixer_sf2mixer_sfmixer_nycmixer_miami8mixer_miami7mixer_miami6mixer_miami5mixer_miami4mixer_miami2mixer_miamimixer_la6mixer_la5mixer_la4mixer_la3mixer_la2mixer_lamixer_dc5mixer_dc4mixer_dc3mixer_dc2mixer_DCmixer_dallas2mixer_dallasmixer indy4mixer indy2mixer indymixer atlmixer atl 4mixer atl 3mixer atl 21948059_10100843725903345_105791861_n1796702_759195680781657_905831338_n1795725_10100843709601015_104721702_n1782124_10152020657236448_914188887_n1620866_759193247448567_293563793_n1484106_10100843707550125_1567909995_n581181_539664826068078_813405555_n559914_539664049401489_1821519791_n555999_539662176068343_548141942_n539821_539661819401712_1797589539_n539707_539662412734986_1661625840_n488125_539664142734813_795425829_n47835_539664836068077_1780019926_n19805_539663662734861_6737535_n8658_539662322734995_17127557_n6714_539661769401717_320780564_n

Go Cats!

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Telling It Like It Was: A Pictorial Review of The NUBAA 5K Race for Diversity

NUBAA has always had great programming. One of our four quarterly Anchor Events over the last four years was The NUBAA 5K Race for Diversity, including the 9th and 10th editions of the event. The Race included the 5K Walk/Run, a 1 miles fun run/walk for kids and a campus tour featuring kids from Chicago and Evanston. We were thrilled to include participation from other national clubs from the Northwestern Alumni Association, including LANU, NUGALA, and NUMBALUMS.

Enjoy over 100 pictures in the below slideshows from the 2016 and 2015 events. Pictures and videos from older 5K Race to Diversity events are also stored on



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NUBAA 5k-website-header-2015_thumb


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Special thanks to Scott Montgomery and Domonique McCord for able leadership of the 5K Race to Diversity over the years! Go Cats!

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