NUBAA MultiCity Groups

What types of activities do the NUBAA MultiCity Groups perform
between the national MultiCity Mixers?
  1. Interacting with students accepted to NU. Perhaps our single biggest challenge is to do our part in converting those accepted at NU into those who enroll at NU. The personal touch of alumni has been shown to be a vital consideration. You are the best possible message and model for those looking to come behind us.
  2. Interacting with applicants and potential applicants to NU. There are hundreds of school fairs that occur nationally every year for high school students, and the competition for the best and brightest is fierce. Northwestern’s staff can’t be everywhere, and they often reach out to alumni to serve in their absence. NUBAA has been asked to use our affiliates to assist in this effort.
  3. Organizing support for NUBAA initiatives and events. Whether it’s rallying folks to attend/participate in Homecoming, The Summit, The 5K or polling interest in the Student Based Initiatives (providing mentorship and summer internships/job opportunities), you are the main branch from NUBAA headquarters when it comes to spreading information to local members.
  4. Participating with the local NU Club. We hope you use our groups to immerse ourselves in the activities and opportunities provided by the local NU Clubs. We have tons of shared interests!
  5. Exploring networking opportunities. Whether within the NUBAA Affiliates or the local NU Club, being involved with alumni can provide natural opportunities for growth in your field of endeavor.
  6. Socializing. Many lifelong friendships and relationships have evolved from our NU connections. You can get together as often as you like. It’s a long time between now and July, 2015 (the next national MultiCity Mixer)!
  7. Participating in local NUBAA/NULC events. This past January, NUBAA had its first NU Leadership Circle (NULC) event, held in Chicago (The NU Leadership Circle is a group of NU alumni having donated at least $1K over the past year.). We would like to have a set of national receptions across the country during the winter.
  8. Creating any local programming of interest to the group.
  9. Setting up a group email account. Some of you have already done this. is right on point, for example.
  10. Driving membership. NUBAA is in a perpetual membership drive mode! NUBAA membership has been free starting May 27th. Share the joy!

Interested in participating in your local NUBAA MultiCity Groups? Here are your contacts!

NUBAA MultiCity Group Coordinators
 (click on names to contact)


Arlington/Northern Virginia

Pia Miller, Esq.

Wendi Price



Ralph Jackson

Rita Martin Douglas



Bethany Criss-June



Eshe Glover



Lauren Ammons

Pam Mason

Alisa Starks



Alice Frazier



Janice Eatman


Columbia, S.C./East Georgia

Seretha Denise Williams



Keisha Slaughter


Dallas/Fort Worth:

Donald Green

Donald Little, MD

Michelle Rider



Kevin Sampson

Kevin Smith, MD



Kyra Lewis-Leverett

Charlene McNary

Tina Pickett-Baisden, MD



Felicia Stevens

Tajudeen Sanusi



Oveda Brown

Jeniece Fleming


Los Angeles

Maeyen Bassey

Charles Flippen, MD



David Doyle

Lora Fowler


Miami/South Florida

Anthony Armstrong

Jim L Berry


Ayton Taylor


Minneapolis/St. Paul

Shelley Carthen Watson, JD

Chris Williams, MD


 New Orleans

Bryan Green

Val Reagon



Michele Tuck-Ponder



Jordan Allen

Veronica Woods



Lisa Reynolds Smoots


San Francisco/Oakland

Gregory Horner, MD

Nari Williams


St. Louis

Carol Camp Yeakey

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