The 50th Anniversary of the 1968 Bursar’s Office Takeover Day Two (May 4) and NUBAA Summit Opening Reception

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Day Two of the NUBAA Commemoration activities picked up from Day One without missing a beat! The energy in the air at Alice Millar Chapel and the Louis Room of Norris University Center was amazing.

If Day Two didn’t bring a tear of joy to your eye, your heart’s in the wrong place! Consider everything that occurred:

  • The Northwestern Community Ensemble began the festivities with a rousing concert, displaying the original and current sounds that have made it a staple of Black culture at Northwestern for almost fifty years.


  • The students took the stage and delivered a theatrical reading and interpretation of the Bursar’s Takeover, based on the book Voices and Visions: The Evolution of the Black Experience at Northwestern University. We’re still wondering if some of the student performers were direct offspring of the B100 participants they were depicting!


  • We convened a historical panel, consisting of Vice President of Students (at the time of the Bursar’s Office takeover) Roland Hines, B100 participant (and former member of the Northwestern Board of Trustees) Wayne Watson and three of the four Deans of the former Department of African-American Student Affairs: Milton Wiggins, Alice Palmer and Karla Spurlock Evans, moderated by NUBAA President Jeffrey Sterling.


  • We held a ceremony honoring the wide variety of individuals impacting the Black experience at Northwestern. The NUBAA50 Luncheon was undoubtedly the largest such collection of historic figures ever assembled, including the picture of many of the attending participants of the Bursar’s Office takeover.


  • To wrap up a historic day, NUBAA took the celebration on the road. Some relaxed and others partied on a yacht diner cruise down Lake Michigan for the NUBAA Summit Opening Reception.


Enjoy the slideshow featuring over 100 pictures from all of the day’s festivities.

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Videos of the events will be posted on and placed in The NUBAA Archives. Go Cats!

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