Schedule for NUBAA Succession Planning Conference Calls

We want to thank you for the enthusiastic response to the orientation announcement. This post is to announce the schedule for the NUBAA Orientation activities. We are planning a series of 30-minute sessions occurring monthly over the next year, leading into the election process. Although participating is not required for those interested in running for NUBAA offices, it is likely that participation will make you a more competitive candidate and a better officer once elected or appointed.

Here is the schedule (all conference calls will occur at 2:30 pm CDT/CST) on either the last or next to last Sunday of each month. These calls will allow for a break introduction of topics of importance to NUBAA governance, followed by questions and access to current office holders about the particulars of given offices.

2014 Annual Meeting
  • August 27, 2017: Introduction and NUBAA Programmatic Agenda
  • September 24, 2017: NUBAA Archives
  • October 29, 2017: NUBAA Finances and Financial Development
  • November 19, 2017: NUBAA Governance Structure, Extended Board and MultiCity Groups
  • December 17, 2017: NUBAA Marketing and Communication
  • January 28, 2018: NUBAA Programming
  • February 25, 2018: NUBAA Reporting to and Relationship with the Northwestern Alumni Association
  • March 18, 2018: NUBAA Scholarships and other Fundraising
  • March, 2018: Elections for NUBAA President and NUBAA Secretary
  • June, 2018: NUBAA Annual Meeting

If you have any questions, or if you would like to guarantee your participation in these activities, please leave a comment or use the attached comment form. Alternatively, you may send an email to To those that have already and RSVP as a result of this post, pertinent documents will be forwarded in advance of the meeting. You will not be personally identified during the conference calls.

The current NUBAA Extended Board has over one hundred members providing expertise and time on behalf of NUBAA and Northwestern. Please consider continuing your service or adding your name to the roster of those building on the legacy started over thirty years ago. Go Cats!

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