NUBAA Succession Plan and Orientation Activities

2014 Annual Meeting

As part of NUBAA’s succession plan, we would like to invite any and all NUBAA members who are interested in serving in the next NUBAA administration (2018-2020) to join us for a series of information and orientation activities. Over the next several months, we will provide all members interested in learning more about our activities pertinent documents, policies and other information needed to perform competently at any and all positions, including the NUBAA Presidency.

We will also have a series of monthly conference calls meant to allow interested individuals to speak directly with current office holders about the particulars of various offices. Among others, these calls will focus on the following topics:

  • NUBAA Programmatic Agenda
  • NUBAA Archives
  • NUBAA Finances and Financial Development
  • NUBAA Governance Structure, Extended Board and MultiCity Groups
  • NUBAA Marketing and Communication
  • NUBAA Programming
  • NUBAA Reporting to and Relationship with the Northwestern Alumni Association
  • NUBAA Scholarships and other Fundraising

Participation in these activities are not required for those interested in running for NUBAA offices, but it can be expected that those engaged will be better candidates and better officers if elected or appointed. If you have any questions, or if you would like to guarantee your participation in these activities, please leave a comment or use the attached comment form.

The current NUBAA Extended Board has over one hundred members providing expertise and time on behalf of NUBAA and Northwestern. Please consider continuing your service or adding your name to the roster of those building on the legacy started over thirty years ago. Go Cats!

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