NUBAA Board of Director Applications – Application Responses from Candidate for Treasurer

One candidate – Daryl Newell – has successfully completed the application process for the position of Treasurer for the 2017-2019 term. Here are the responses to the application questions. We thank all applicants for your willingness to serve and support our great University! Go Cats!

  1. Please state why you would like to serve on the NUBAA Board of Directors.

As the current Treasurer, I have organized the financial accounting and growth of NUBAA’s funds and kept them in compliance with Northwestern Alumni Association guidelines. I believe with the explosive growth NUBAA has and is about to encounter over the next year, a steady hand is needed to manage this growth and success.

  1. What previous volunteer background do you have with NUBAA?

I have served multiple terms as NUBAA Treasurer and have worked with several NUBAA Presidents. Stability at the Treasurer position has promoted the consistent and sustained growth we now see, as well ensure the institutional knowledge of how to make best decisions based on history and best financial practices.

  1. Please indicate any professional activity you possess that qualifies you to serve on the NUBAA Board of Directors.

I have served as an officer (Senior Vice-President, Chief Retail Banking Officer, and Director of Consumer Banking) for several banks throughout Chicago. These position directly translate into the reporting and financial planning needs of NUBAA.

  1. Please state your familiarity with NUBAA’s current Programmatic Agenda and other initiatives.

I have provided input in the development and implementation of the NUBAA Programmatic Agenda and have worked to create feasible budgets to support all of its initiatives.

  1. What NUBAA events have you attended in the last two years?

I have attended and in many cases, helped organize parts of NUBAA events over the last two years, including The Summit and Salute to Excellence Gala, The 5K Race to Diversity, The MultiCity Mixers, the Homecoming Activities, the Student Based Initiatives events, the Leon Forrest Lectures, the Throwback Tuesday events, the NUBAA/NULC events and several others. This familiarity with the inner workings of these events also facilitates prompt payment and financial management of the events.

  1. Please state your plans and priorities should you be elected to the NUBAA Board.

The goal is simply to manage and plan our programs and financial future in step with the goal of supporting WE WILL and establishing NUBAA as a million-dollar club as outlined in President Sterling’s discussion papers.

  1. What leadership roles have you held in service to Northwestern?

I have held leadership positions in the Department of Athletics (as the University representative to the Big Ten Advisory Committee) in addition to serving NUBAA over the last 10 years.

  1. Are you familiar with the roles and responsibilities of the office you seek? Please match your skills and qualifications to those roles and responsibilities.

I have served as NUBAA Treasurer and on the Executive Committee for several terms. I bring my experience as a bank officer to NUBAA.

  1. How many hours a week are you willing to serve in your capacity as a member of the NUBAA Board?

As requested, I have and expect to offer approximately 10 hours/month to my role as NUBAA Treasurer.

  1. Have you made any financial donations to NUBAA within the last two years? Have you made any financial donations to Northwestern outside of NUBAA within the last two years?

As all NUBAA Board members are required to contribute, I have made financial donations to the NUBAA Achievement Scholarship annually.

  1. In the event you are not elected, are you still willing to serve NUBAA?

Of course. I’m available to help in any way requested by the NUBAA President and the Executive Committee.

This concludes the presentation of the responses of the candidate for NUBAA Treasurer for the 2017-2019 term. Please join us for the following next steps in the election process.

  • June 8th: Candidates forum via conference call at 8 pm CDT – to participate, dial in to 712-432-1500 access code 860073#
  • June 10th: Voting begins via email
  • June 16th: Voting ends via email
  • June 24th: NUBAA Annual Meeting; election results announced

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