NUBAA 2017 Elections – The Nominations are In!

Here is the process leading up to the election of the NUBAA Vice-President and Treasurer for the 2017-2019 term. Nominations are now closed.

  • May 25th: Release of candidate applications
  • June 1st: Deadlines for candidate applications: due by 3 pm CDT
  • June 2nd: Responses to application questions posted for public review.
  • June 8th: Candidates forum via conference call
  • June 10th: Voting begins via email
  • June 16th: Voting ends via email
  • June 24th: NUBAA Annual Meeting; election results announced

Attached are the candidate applications and other relevant information. If you have been nominated, it is your responsibility to qualify for the election. Please return with content typed into the form. Direct any questions to

NUBAA BOD application 2017

NUBAA Roles & Responsibilities

NUBAA Board Expectations

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