Come (NUBAA) Home For The Holidays

I just had the most enjoyable return to campus, spending most of the day at Deering library, reviewing rarely seen documents telling great stories of our Northwestern legacies and making preparations for the massive NUBAA Archives project. Of course, I always stop by The Black House, receiving updates on the architectural and programmatic changes that are being planned. The day ended with a special reception for student graduates finishing mid-year.

There is so much happening about which we can be pleased and proud. However, we can not afford to remember that these steps forward are not occurring simply by happenstance or good graces. Our great University is moving forward in large part due to implementation of a plan. NUBAA is working throughout the University to implement its Programmatic Agenda.

None of this occurs without you. We need your ongoing presence, participation and power. Your membership cements our position as the voice for our community’s concerns. Your financial support empowers us to implement our agenda. Your participation leads to strengthening and expanding the network.

Over the next few months, several very important efforts will seek your attention:

  • The NUBAA Achievement Scholarship (NAS) continues to support students who otherwise likely would not be able to attend Northwestern. Please consider support it as part of your giving strategy. Click here to donate.
  • The NUBAA Archives is recreating our approximately 150 year history at NU. Please consider sharing your personal, social and professional information with us. We will champion your stories and legacies. Click here for information.
  • The NUBAA Economy Project will soon launch its first sector. The more individuals we have supporting and participating in the platform, the greater the opportunities and success for us all will be. Click here for information.
  • The NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence Gala in approaching the weekend of February 24-26 in Los Angeles. Along with another amazing array of workshops and information being provided, the third group of NUBAA notables will be honored. We are especially pleased to confirm University President and Professor Morton O. Schapiro will be in attendance. Please add this to your calendar, and let’s make this a mid-year reunion! Click here to register.

On behalf of Northwestern, the Northwestern Alumni Association and NUBAA, we hope you enjoy this “most joyous time of the year,” and thank you for your friendship and philanthropy. Go Cats!

NUBAA New logo

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