Northwestern University Black Alumni Association Programmatic Agenda 2016-2018





  1. NUBAA Principles
  2. NUBAA Mission Statement
  3. NUBAA Board of Directors
  4. NUBAA Membership and Advocacy
  5. NUBAA MultiCity Groups
  6. NUBAA Marketing and Communications
  8. NUBAA Finances and Fundraising



  1. NUBAA Anchor Programming
    • Destination Homecoming
    • NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence Gala
    • NUBAA 5K Race to Diversity
    • NUBAA MultiCity Mixers
  2. Student Events
    • Student Based Initiatives
    • Throwback Tuesdays
  3. Alumni Events
    • 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Bursar’s Office Takeover
    • Financial Literacy Offerings



  1. Black House Oversight Committee
  2. NUBAA Achievement Scholarships
  3. The NUBAA Archives
  4. The NUBAA Economy Project
  5. The NUBAA Fund
  6. Addressing Enrollment Rates at Northwestern University
  7. Connectivity
    • Faculty / Staff Initiatives
    • Graduate and Professional Student Initiatives
    • FMO





In this, the 30th year of NUBAA’s existence, and two years before the 50th anniversary of the historic Bursar’s Office takeover, it is fair to say that NUBAA has never been stronger. We enjoy unprecedented membership, finances, access and relationships with our University, and we now have a solid infrastructure, all of which point to sustainability of our efforts and organization. The 2016-18 administrative term seeks to build on its 30-year history with an eye to celebrating progress during the yearlong celebration of a substantial presence at Northwestern. This Programmatic Agenda addresses the priorities and programming that will serve as NUBAA’s focus for the next two years. This document additionally builds upon the following documents, which should be considered supplements.

  • NUBAA Programmatic Agenda 2014-16
  • NUBAA We Will Proposal Overview (NUBAA: The Million Dollar Organization)
  • Project Proposal: The NUBAA Archives
  • Black House Facility Review Committee Report
  • 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Bursar’s Office Takeover Discussion Paper
  • NUBAA Economy Project Statement


Operational Infrastructure

I. NUBAA Principles

The principles historically espoused by NUBAA since its inception roughly remain at the core of NUBAA’s existence. We Are Northwestern, and we accept the challenges and responsibilities inherent in being Northwestern’s first affinity club and still being its largest and most active national club. In our actions and mission, we seek to be the flagship example for other NU clubs to model.

  • NUBAA will embrace and engage the diversity and diverse interests of its members in its programming.
  • NUBAA will engage a diverse mixture of NU clubs and sections of the University (undergraduate, graduate and professional) in its programming.
  • NUBAA will expand membership involvement across the generations of alumni.
  • NUBAA will incorporate disparate, outlying interests alleging to represent NUBAA under the auspices of the Board of Directors. We appreciate that all efforts of individual African-American alumni intended to benefit the University will not occur through NUBAA, but it is essential that all efforts alleging to represent the collective group of African-American alumni be coordinated through NUBAA. We request and expect Northwestern to respect and acknowledge NUBAA as the duly elected representatives of its African-American alumni.
  • NUBAA will seek every opportunity to collaborate with those interested in joint efforts but believes self-determination is an important component to our success and security. We also believe our voices should serve as leading voices in several areas that directly involve us.


II. Mission Statement (Modified from NUBAA’s Constitution and Bylaws)

The Northwestern University Black Alumni Association exists to generate and sustain interest and support between Northwestern University and its Black community – most notably its students and alumni. It also serves to establish a forum in which the personal and professional concerns of the of the University’s Black alumni are addressed, including the quality of education available to current Black students, as well as the quality of their entire University experience. The Black alumni of the University agree to carry out these objectives and to abide by its Constitution and Bylaws, acting in the interests of Northwestern University, Black students and alumni.


III. NUBAA Board of Directors

The NUBAA Board has institutionalized an expanded format to facilitate greater alumni engagement. Additionally, its format has changed to offer each administration more ability to manage its team.

  • The Executive Committee positions (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) remain the elected positions. The President and Secretary are elected in even years, and the Vice-President and Treasure are elected on odd years. The President is allowed to appoint all other positions, subject to approval of the Executive Committee. All other Board positions serve at the pleasure of the President during the term of the President.
  • The positions of Chairperson of Marketing/Communications, Programming and Membership include co-chairs, with an emphasis on one of the two having graduated less than 10 years prior.
  • The Marketing and Programming committees include chairs/co-chairs for each of NUBAA’s anchor events.
  • The NUBAA “Extended Board” includes members of national committees, task forces and local Coordinators of the NUBAA MultiCity Groups. The Extended Board is a key component of national engagement and succession planning. This group now totals over 100 individuals, all actively working toward our goals.


IV. Membership and Advocacy

It has been demonstrated on more than one occasion over the last two years that NUBAA’s active membership is “as large as it needs to be.” We have developed a process that our members can come to expect and count on.

  • NUBAA Membership remains free.
  • NUBAA members renew membership every even year.
  • NUBAA has provided a one-click access, less than 60-second renewal process via This updated information can then get exported into Our Northwestern.

Even as we have approached 5000 members, the more important membership consideration is the activation of the NUBAA member roster. This year, membership renewals have included a call to participate in fundraising, national and local committees and the NUBAA Student Based Initiatives. We have received over four hundred additional volunteers via this process.

Additionally, NUBAA membership is no longer limited to filling out a form. NUBAA has become de facto representatives for multiple interests, including alumni, faculty, staff and undergraduate, graduate and professional students. An engaged NUBAA membership includes the ability to grow and contract certain individuals’ roles based on need and activities, which coincides nicely with the realities of volunteer organizations and individuals’ other commitments.


V. NUBAA MultiCity Groups

NUBAA now has ongoing active engagement with affiliated NUBAA MultiCity Groups.

A. As of September 25, 2016, the locations of NUBAA MultiCity Clubs are as follows:

  1. Arlington/Northern Virginia
  2. Atlanta
  3. Baltimore
  4. Charlotte
  5. Chicago
  6. Cincinnati
  7. Cleveland
  8. Columbia S.C./East Georgia
  9. Columbus
  10. Dallas/Fort Worth
  11. DC
  12. Detroit
  13. Houston
  14. Indianapolis
  15. Kansas City
  16. Los Angeles
  17. Memphis/Nashville
  18. Miami/South Florida
  19. Milwaukee
  20. Minneapolis/St. Paul
  21. New Orleans
  22. Newark
  23. New York City
  24. Phoenix
  25. Philadelphia
  26. San Antonio/Austin
  27. San Francisco/Oakland
  28. Seattle
  29. Louis


B. The purposes of the NUBAA MultiCity Groups include the following:

  1. To keep local members abreast of national NUBAA activities and events;
  2. To provide local members opportunities to engage in local and national activities of interest, including programming (e.g., the annual NUBAA Multi-City Mixers), fundraising, and networking;
  3. To stimulate and coordinate involvement with the local NU Club; and
  4. To serve as a focus for membership recruitment and engagement within NUBAA.

C. During this term, a concentrated effort will be made to expand the activity of the Chicago MultiCity Group. With nearly 1/3 of our members located in the arena, mobilizing this group offers nearly immeasurable benefit to NUBAA and Northwestern. We specifically seek to have the Chicago MultiCity Group coordinators have ex-officio seats on the NUBAA Board.


VI. NUBAA Marketing and Communications

The growth of NUBAA has dictated decentralization in our marketing and communications (M/C) efforts. Fortunately, this need has been met with our efforts to activate our membership. As such, the following principles govern our M/C strategies.

A. Each of our Anchor Events (Homecoming, Summit, MultiCity Mixers and 5K Race to Diversity) has its own marketing subcommittee dedicated to that specific event.

B. The National M/C Co-Chairs serve the specific functions:

  1. Development of marketing plans for events;
  2. Assignment of committee roles; and
  3. Oversight of individual marketing plan implementation with assistance where needed with an eye toward policy compliance.

Our M/C committee structure has expanded to now include the following roles (see addendum for details):

  • Anchor Event Marketing Co-Chairs (6)
  • Student Based Initiatives Co-Chairs (2)
  • Social Media Manager (4)
  • Public Relations (2)
  • On-Campus Liaison (1)
  • Webmasters (2)
  • Our Northwestern Content Manager (1)



Entering its third year, has assumed a special place in the NUBAA infrastructure. Our website serves as a vehicle for communications, membership drives and engagement, fundraising, registration, archives and merchandising. has now had approximately 50,000 page views from over 5,000 distinct visitors from 25 countries around the world, and it has over 2,500 active followers. Its success is largely attributable to its ease of access.’s front page offers one-click access to its most important areas, as follows:

A. JOIN NUBAA: It takes under 60 seconds to renew free membership and choose activities in which members can participate.

B. GIVE NUBAA: This link routes the user to NUBAA page on the iModules We Will Campaign site.

C. BUY NUBAA: This link offers NUBAA paraphernalia to our members.

D. READ NUBAA: This link connects to the NUBAA President’s Blog, as well as other postings of interest to members.

E. SEE NUBAA: This link offers thousands of pictures from NUBAA Anchor Events and various graduating classes. It intends to grow into an important visual component of the NUBAA Archives.

F. PARTICIPATE NUBAA: This link directs the user to registration for the immediately upcoming NUBAA Anchor Event (typically done through Our Northwestern), and for the MultiCity Mixers, it serves as the site for our nationwide simulcast.


VIII. NUBAA Finances and Fundraising

NUBAA Finances

In order to accomplish its Mission and Programmatic Agenda, it has become abundantly necessary that NUBAA needs financial strength. To that end, NUBAA has begun pursuit of a strategy that will generate over $1 million annually. The following are the main components of that strategy.

A. Corporate Sponsorship

  1. General support: NUBAA members are entrepreneurs and executives in many businesses and corporations. Our Financial Development Chairperson is tasked with developing relationships that create opportunities for alumni to reengage with NUBAA and to support Northwestern.
  2. Program sponsorship: NUBAA’s Anchor Events are strategically positioned to appeal to different parts of the NUBAA and University demographic, which offers a variety of opportunities to appeal to sponsors.
  3. NUBAA’s innovation on corporate sponsorship has led to collaboration with NU on corporate sponsorship guidelines, and we hope Northwestern will introduce us to additional opportunities that do not compete with or interfere with the University’s other efforts.

B.  Programming

  1. Each of NUBAA’s Anchor Events (Destination Homecoming, The NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence, The NUBAA MultiCity Mixers, and the NUBAA 5K Race to Diversity) has fundraising targets, with specific strategies deployed to meet them.
  2. A special effort will be made to fundraise around the 50th anniversary commemoration of the Bursar’s Office takeover, with proceeds targeted to support the NUBAA Archives.

C. The NUBAA Economy Project

  1. This initiative will generate revenue for NUBAA via its role as broker between entities engaged in commerce with the NUBAA membership. Project details are discussed in Section XII of this document.

D. The NUBAA Archives

  1. Grant money and other financial support for programmatic initiatives will dually address and support the NUBAA Archives and other objectives directly related to the NUBAA Archives. 


NUBAA Fundraising

NUBAA maintains a fervent goal of mobilizing its membership and constituency to support the We Will Campaign globally and the NUBAA scholarship funds specifically. NUBAA is coming off its most successful fundraising year ever, with over $350,000 in pledges made toward the NUBAA Achievement Scholarship and over $52,000 in scholarships awarded. NUBAA still maintains several different scholarships, including the following:

  • The Gardner-Exum Fund
  • The NUBAA Achievement Scholarship (NAS)
  • The NUBAA Promise Scholarship

With recent changes in University policy that now fully address the financial needs of students from financially-distressed families, and as a specific means toward improving the yield among African-American students, NUBAA will investigate and consider an effort to focus its fundraising efforts toward growing and endowment the NAS, which is distinguished as being the most progressive scholarship available at NU in considering achievement-based considerations. We will continue to advance the NUBAA Promise Scholarship as our primary vehicle for those who want to support the University’s posture of ensuring those in need are able to be fully funded for a Northwestern education.

NUBAA is continuing its efforts to establish relationships with its most prominent alumni and those with a demonstrated history and inclination toward giving and enlisting them in the effort. These efforts will occur in full partnership with designated University staff.

NUBAA maintains a goal of generating $600,000 in pledges toward the NUBAA Achievement Scholarship as its contribution to the We Will Campaign. In its first year, we obtained approximately $350,000 in pledges. We are necessarily limited in converting pledges to collected funds and are depending on Northwestern to complete this function.

NUBAA also anticipates a 2017 fundraising effort in conjunction with the commemoration activities for the 50th anniversary of the Bursar’s Office Takeover. We will raise $150,000 during this effort toward strengthening programming for The NUBAA Archives. 


Programming and Events

IX. NUBAA Anchor Programming

NUBAA has organized its programming to accomplish several functions, including engagement and fundraising. Our “Anchor” events are staples of NUBAA and each focuses on a different demographic within our membership and the University community.


A. Destination Homecoming (DH) – Fall Quarter

We take pride in continuing to be the most active NU affinity club during Homecoming. That said, in recent years, we have made special efforts to ensure participation in both NUBAA and University-wide activities among our members. Here is a listing of our DH activities; we had approximately 800 participants in our activities in 2015.

  1. Welcome Back Reception and Parade Viewing at the Black House / Student Based Initiatives Launch: With Multicultural Student Affairs pulling out as a sponsor of the reception, we have decided to rebrand the event. Given the large presence of alumni in attendance, we will take advantage of the opportunity to have them interact with students in real time. Additional details regarding the Student Based Initiatives are listed below.
  1. Third Annual Terrace Tailgate and Homecoming Game Viewing

Event: NUBAA has made a specific appeal to alumni inclined to congregate in a party atmosphere for the pregame and game activities. This event has become a quite popular addition to our programming roster among more seasoned alumni.

  1. Annual Homecoming Party: Our Destination Homecoming party has been completely rebranded, stylistically and in management considerations to specifically appeal to younger alumni and to honor reunion classes. This event occurs annually in Chicago.
  1. Annual Sunday Brunch: This event brings alumni to various campus locations to show off the University’s program. It features important updates on NUBAA programming and initiatives.


B. NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence Gala – Winter Quarter

The “Summit” has become NUBAA’s signature event, and in fact includes three distinct events. The Summit offers our members a winter getaway, a real source for business education and opportunities for procurement and networking. We are especially pleased to have President Schapiro confirmed to attend the 2017 Summit in Los Angeles, and we are especially proud to have nearly doubled our attendance between our first and second Summits.

  1. The NUBAA Summit: The Summit itself is a day-long business and entrepreneurial symposium. It features lectures from prominent and successful industry leaders. It brings millions of dollars in procurement opportunities. It provides direct forums for networking and exchange of commerce among alumni.
  1. The Salute to Excellence Gala: The Gala is a Black-Tie extravaganza honoring the accomplishment of various Wildcats across all of NU’s colleges and schools. Our galas have and will feature some of the most prominent names in business, entertainment, sports, academia and medicine, as well as individuals having made vital contributions to Northwestern and NUBAA.
  1. The NUBAA Celebrity Golf Outing: In 2016, we held our first golf event associated with the Summit. It immediately became a hit, featuring numerous Hollywood celebrities in and out of the Northwestern community, allowing participants the opportunity to interact with well-known stars. This event has already proven to be a lightning rod for marketing and corporate sponsorship.


C. NUBAA 5K Race to Diversity – Spring Quarter

The 10th Race to Diversity was held in June of 2016 and was well attended, building on our vision of creating an adult version of Dance Marathon. For the last two years, the event has included several National NU Clubs and support of the Chicago Area Running Association. We have continued our traditions of two supportive events in addition to the 5K: a Kids’ Fun Run and a college tour for Evanston and Chicago students.

In an effort to fully embrace the potential of the event, we will defer a 2017 5K. We believe having a full two years to grow and plan the event, most likely as a component of the Commemoration activities, will enable us to come ever closer to realizing the event’s full potential.


D. NUBAA MultiCity Mixers (MCMs) – Summer Quarter

The NUBAA MultiCity Mixers are a nationwide, simultaneous series of social gatherings promoting fellowship, stimulating involvement, fundraising, increasing membership and informing participants of activities within NUBAA and at NU. The event features a simulcast, and the 2016 MultiCity Mixers included events in 14 cities.

Beyond the fellowship, our MCMs serve as annual launches for several activities of our MultiCity Groups, including recruitment of local coordinators, our membership drive, participation in student admissions initiatives and the NUBAA Student Based Initiatives, and outreach to the local NU Club. See Section V above for additional details.

X. Student Events

A. Student Based Initiatives (SBIs)

NUBAA is in its third year of its primary means of providing developmental support to students. The purpose of the Student Based Initiatives is to offer support from alumni to individual students in the following ways:

  1. Mentoring
  2. Availability for speaking engagements
  3. Summer in/externships
  4. Permanent career opportunities
  5. Collaboration with alumni
  6. Other activities per student request

The following list represents the different SBIs:

  1. NUBAA Arts Initiatives
  2. NUBAA Athletic Initiative
  3. NUBAA Business and Entrepreneurship Initiative
  4. NUBAA Engineering Initiative
  5. NUBAA Journalism Initiative
  6. NUBAA Health and Medical Careers Initiative
  7. NUBAA Legal Careers Initiative

NUBAA is working with FMO to execute a launch event during Homecoming, and a separate event has been planned with the Department of Athletics. Additionally, it is our plan to enhance alumni offerings as part of The NUBAA Archives. Over time, we anticipate prominent alumni record various video topics covering common areas of student interest.

B. Throwback Tuesdays

As opposed to the formality of the Student Based Initiatives, twice a year (fall and spring) NUBAA hosts a social event to share experiences, memories and advice. In recent years, the event has had an additional focus on financial literacy and transitioning from college to the workplace.


XI. Alumni Events

A. 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Bursar’s Office Takeover (“The Commemoration”)

The very existence of sizeable Black alumni can be traced to concessions won as a result of the sacrifices made by approximately 100 students in 1968, whose protest and negotiations will be acknowledged in 2018. The 50th anniversary of this event likely represents the last major opportunity for many of the involved NUBAA members to directly participate in commemoration activities.

Approximately eight months ago, NUBAA proposed a framework for a year-long celebration of the resultant improvements in the Black experience and the University, and we look forward to working with Northwestern in a way that honors the sacrifice, celebrates the resulting progress and demonstrates the partnership that has arisen between Northwestern and its Black alumni. NUBAA is looking forward to clusters of events during the MLK King Week activities, during Black History Month and during the May 3rd/4th timeframe. We anticipate activities far and wide within the University, including most Colleges and Departments. Proposed events during the Commemoration weekend include a symposium, a documentary, a theatrical representation of the events and a musical celebration by the Northwestern Community Ensemble.

NUBAA is especially pleased at how the opportunity to work with the University in planning the Commemoration dovetails into opportunities to work with University schools and departments in discovering and collecting materials for the NUBAA Archives, and we approach this endeavor with that additional task in mind.


B. Financial Literacy Offerings

NUBAA has chosen to make the financial well-being of students and alumni a major focus of its activities. This has already come to fruition within the NUBAA Summit and will expand with the development of the NUBAA Economy Project. Additionally, each of the last two years, basic financial planning and managements strategies have been presented to students during a campus event, and we are planning dinner meetings at up to 10 of our MultiCity Groups during the 2016-17 administrative year.




It is not enough for NUBAA to be a “spirit club.” Its existence brings responsibilities to specific parts of the University. Often, NUBAA finds itself needing to advocate for or act on issues because substantial voids exist within the University infrastructure that would otherwise lead to important considerations either being unaddressed or not being addressed in a culturally sensitive manner. After generations of flawed and failed efforts to address the student experience and enhance engagement, NUBAA fully accepts the role of serving as a vehicle on the University’s behalf to enhance the admission, enrollment, and graduation of students, engagement of alumni, growth of faculty and staff and promotion of activities and issues of interest to the Black community within Northwestern. The following topics represent specific ways in which NUBAA will accomplish this goal.


XII. Black House Oversight Committee

In 2015, NUBAA proposed a wholesale change in the usage of the Black House, changing the focus from exclusively a student concern to both a modernized student resource center and a cultural center for the larger African-American community. The Department of Student Affairs proposed separate changes in activities and usage of the Black House that led to major protests within the student, faculty and alumni bases. Subsequently, a Black House Facility Review Committee was formed by the Vice-President of Student Affairs to develop recommendations regarding the best usage of the Black House. The committee’s recommendations included all of NUBAA’s proposal and much more.

NUBAA has been tasked with working with the University by the Black House Facility Review Committee to ensure the integrity of implementing the recommendations, all of which were accepted by the University. Our representatives in doing so are listed below.

The Black House Facility Review Committee’s final report is to be considered an important addendum to this document.


XIII. NUBAA Achievement Scholarship

We have been told by prospective families of students, alumni and specifically interested members of the administration that the major deterrent to increasing the enrollment rate at NU among African-American students is a lack of financial aid based on achievement, particularly in ways in which competitor and peer aspirant Universities have been able to do. Even as NU has been phenomenal in providing support to those in financial need, this group doesn’t universally represent the pool of African-American applicants, yet it seems to disproportionately represent that part of the yield not enrolling at NU.

Northwestern has approved the formation of the NUBAA Achievement Scholarship (NAS), the first vehicle that allows consideration of student success as criteria for financial aid. In 2016, three scholarships totaling approximately $38,000 were awarded to students who otherwise would not have chosen to attend Northwestern. During the timeframe from October, 2015 to now, NUBAA has obtained approximately $350,000 in pledges for the NAS. More importantly, we hope the success of the NAS will spur the University selectively consider achievement-based financial aid as a means to become even more competitive with students many other Universities are currently able to siphon away from a Northwestern education. We look forward to continuing conversations with President Schapiro and the Institute for Policy Research to ensure our thoughts and advocacy are in line with best practices and established evidence regarding this matter.


XIV. The NUBAA Archives

For the first time in a nearly 150-year history at Northwestern, specific efforts to collect, chronicle and tell the stories of the African-American experience at NU are underway. NUBAA is working with the Provost’s Office, the University Librarian and Archivist to develop the framework for this endeavor, with a targeted launch in January of 2018.

The NUBAA Archives will not only serve its primary and fundamental role of telling our stories, but it will serve as an ongoing means of alumni engagement and will be the nexus for many types of programming. We also expect the NUBAA Archives to stimulate and support academic pursuits around the Black experience at Northwestern, including student courses, research projects, and books. The Archives can also be expected to facilitate pursuit of careers related to history collecting and archiving.


XV. The NUBAA Economy Project

NUBAA has accepted the challenge of creating opportunities for member entrepreneurs to grow their networks by creating an entity meant to reverberate commerce among members, present procurement opportunities and inform them of a host of potential partners for various ventures. The NUBAA Economy Project (NEP) seeks to generate millions of dollars annually in business for its members.

The NEP is an excellent means for NUBAA to engage its members across all of NU’s schools. The NEP Board already includes members of undergraduate, graduate and professional schools. The NEP will become a perpetual source of revenue for NUBAA, as transaction fees will be donated back to NUBAA’s general operating fund.

The first sector of the NEP to launch will be the financial services sector. NUBAA alumni already have in place millions of dollars available for members to use for business ventures, working capital, residential, auto and personal loans.



NUBAA members have continually asked for opportunities to pool resources and network in a way that enhances wealth among the membership. We are quite fortunate to have multiple fund managers of note among our membership. We are currently investigating the framework for which such a fund could be created and how such a fund could create value back to NUBAA and Northwestern.


XVII. Addressing Enrollment Rates at Northwestern University

At the beginning and end of our activities we are mindful that we seek to contribute to a Northwestern environment that will entice prospective students to apply in ever greater numbers, to enroll once admitted, to succeed once enrolled, and to stay engaged once graduated. We take some measure of solace in seeing the admission rate rise above 10%, but we remain disappointed that the yield rate is the worst among demographic groups, resulting in an enrollment rate approximately half of the admission rate.

Over the last two years, NUBAA has made itself available to support the University’s efforts in several specific ways.

  • Recruitment: At the request of the Director of Admissions, NUBAA members provide availability and participate in interviews and receptions across the country. The structure of the NUBAA MultiCity Groups facilities our ability to do this quickly, if needed.
  • Welcome Letter and NUBAA Presidential Involvement: A welcome letter to all admitted students is sent from the NUBAA President (through the admissions office). Each of the last two years, dozens of email and phone conversations are held with prospective students, in which we emphasize the pipeline between students and alumni.
  • Campus Tours: NUBAA has annually held a campus tour as part of the NUBAA 5K Race to Diversity and spends months prior to the event working with Evanston and Chicago high schools in an effort to solicit student visits.
  • NUBAA Achievement Scholarship: As noted above, we have already demonstrated the success of offering financial assistance based on achievement. The ability to specifically convert applicants one by one based on a more competitive financial aid package is part of the overall NUBAA strategy.


XVIII. Connectivity

Part of the reality of NUBAA is we do not operate in a vacuum. The African-American community involves student, alumni, faculty and staff, and these consideration reach across all of Northwestern’s undergraduate departments, graduate and professional schools. When issues of importance arise, NUBAA is not only being called into action but necessarily needs to obtain the input and reflect the concerns of all aspects of our community. We have taken major strides in that direction.

A. Faculty / Staff Initiatives

NUBAA has appointed two faculty/staff liaisons. These liaisons serve the roles of serving as points of focus for issues being brought to NUBAA and for transferring information NUBAA wishes to have disseminated to faculty and staff. These efforts proved critical in forming a consensus around recommendations related to the proposal submitted regarding renovating the Black House. They will again prove critical in obtaining support for the Commemoration activities and in soliciting information for the NUBAA Archives.

B. Graduate and Professional Student Initiatives

NUBAA specifically is reaching out to student groups within the graduate and professional schools on areas of interest. We already have specific contacts within the Black Graduate Student Association, Kellogg and the Student National Medical Association.


NUBAA has strengthened its ties with For Members Only, the Black Student Alliance of Northwestern via regular and routine conference calls and interactions. Our primary concern is to facilitate the Student Based Initiatives, but we additionally offer support when asked and where needed.


XIX. Summary

A generation ago, the Black House was home to an actual Department of African-American Student Affairs and a Dean of African-American Student Affairs. That individual, that department and that building offered a series of resources that enhanced the Black student experience and contributed to student success and satisfaction. Today there is neither a department nor a dean. The concerns of African-Americans within the Northwestern community are meant to be addressed within the confines of Multicultural Student Affairs and Alumni Relations and Development, and there is an Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion. Despite best efforts and intentions, the outcomes produced place African-Americans at the very bottom of University demographic groups in multiple metrics of interest.

NUBAA seeks to fill the voids that exist, offer support to the University’s efforts and provide oversight when needed. This Programmatic Agenda reflects the current state of needs. It is not our intention to take over roles in operations better housed within the University. It is to highlight areas needing attention, provide a baseline level of support and to provide leadership and direction to our University. After all, we are former students who have successfully navigated the challenges of this great University. We do not have to speculate on what works. We lived it, and we love Northwestern. We thank everyone who this Programmatic Agenda will reach for your input and support of our students and our University, and for a lifetime, we remain proudly purple.


Questions regarding this document should be forwarded directly to NUBAA President, Jeffrey Sterling, MD (WCAS, 1985) at


September 25, 2016

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