Northwestern University Career and Mentoring Information‏


Even as NUBAA fills voids and offers culturally sensitive options to you, we want you to be fully aware of the services available through our great University. Here is a one sheeter with all of NU’s career, networking and mentoring information in one place. Please explore these options, and see if any of these fit your needs. You can never have enough options! Go Cats!


Career-Related Resources for Alumni of Northwestern University

As one of more than 220,000 alumni of Northwestern University around the world, you have access to an array of tools related to careers, networking, mentorship, and professional development. The resources listed below are sponsored by the Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA) and Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA), which work closely together to support the career-related needs of alumni. For more information on all career-related tools offered by the NAA, visit For more information on all career-related resources offered by NCA, visit

Our Northwestern Directory

Search for more than 220,000 alumni, students, faculty and staff in this comprehensive directory for the Northwestern community. Browse profiles for contact information, professional experience, interests and activities, and networking, volunteering, and entrepreneurship involvement.


Plug into the ever-growing Wildcat network with CareerNet in Our Northwestern. Whether you’re just starting out, thriving in the corner office, or anywhere in between, Our Northwestern helps you strengthen your network and advance your career. Connect with successful alumni in your field, help those following in your footsteps, and get inside access to career articles, advice, and more.


CareerCat is Northwestern’s central platform for job and internship opportunities as well as career activities such as events, information sessions, and workshops. Personalize your career interests by selecting from 19 industries to customize communication from NCA to your own career interests. Use the Job Search Agent to get customized internship and job search emails sent directly to your inbox. You can also use CareerCat to post internships for current students!

NAA Career Webinars

The Northwestern Alumni Association believes in life-long career development to help you maintain your professional edge. Through the NAA webinars, an online learning experience, we provide alumni and students the opportunity to hear as experts discuss topics such as crafting your story, making an industry or function change, managing employees, taking the entrepreneurial plunge and more. Since these webinars are available online, you can access them anywhere and as often as you want.

NCA LinkedIn Group

With more than 7,000 members, the NCA LinkedIn Network serves to facilitate conversations about careers and industries among Northwestern alumni, students, and employer partners, as well as share news articles about recruiting trends worldwide. You can use the LinkedIn group to search for or post a job or internship.

Northwestern Network Mentorship Program

The Northwestern Network Mentorship Program pairs students with alumni and alumni with alumni in various career fields. The purpose of the program is to cultivate meaningful, professional mentor/mentee relationships between the school’s accomplished alumni and current students or alumni early in their careers. Alumni from all class years, programs, and schools may participate as volunteer mentors or mentees or both; students may participate as mentees. These mentoring relationships are meant to provide valuable support and guidance to student and alumni mentees as they navigate their careers, explore new career paths, or consider graduate school.

Prepared by the Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA) Career & Networking Committee, June 201


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