NUBAA Nation Prominently Featured in Crain’s Chicago Business Tech 50 List


Hey, Wildcats! Take a look at the Crain’s Chicago Business Tech 50 list, and you’ll notice that there are two women of color on the list. Both are NU alumna (Melissa Gilliam, MD (FSM ’99) and Star Cunningham (KSM ’01))! From the article:



48 4D Healthware Founder and CEO | @Star4DFounder 

One of Cunningham’s last gigs at IBM involved building facial recognition software to help police in Brazil fight crime. Think that’s cool? Now she’s running a company that helps patients using wearables gather their own health data. The goal: to empower people in the fight against such chronic diseases as hypertension and diabetes.



50 University of Chicago Physician, professor and vice provost | @MelissaGilliam1 

How do you use technology to change risky teen behavior? This pediatric and adolescent gynecologist wants to do more than study teen pregnancy; she wants to curb it. Her Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health runs a Game Changer lab where teens use gaming and digital storytelling to wrestle with such charged topics as sexual assault and teen pregnancy.

For more information, here’s the link:

Go Cats!


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