NUBAA Salutes the Formation of Asian-American Studies and Looks Back at African-American Studies


NUBAA salutes Northwestern as it makes another significant move in the direction of diversity and inclusion. For the first time, an Asian-American Studies major will be available at Northwestern University starting this fall. The Asian-American studies program at Northwestern University was created after student activism and protests (including a 23-day hunger strike) launched in 1995, and now it will include a full designation as a major.

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Of course, this causes NUBAA to reflect back upon our own history. Northwestern’s Department of African-American Studies ( was officially established in 1972, the result of Black student protests culminating in the Bursar’s Office Takeover and the May 3-4 Agreements of 1968. These agreements produced a commitment from Northwestern to increase attention to Black history and literature in the curriculum. Since inception, NU’s Department of African-American Studies has encompassed considerations through the Diaspora, with both national and international foci. It has truly taken a place among the premier African-American Studies departments nationally.

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We salute Northwestern and the Asian community in this new advance and look forward to honoring the activities of 1968 and accomplishments resulting from the May 3-4 Agreements. Stay tuned for many updates about the 2018 50th Anniversary Commemoration.

We remain Proudly Purple. We Are Northwestern.

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