Racist Vandalism at Millar Chapel: Statement from President Schapiro and NUBAA’s Response


Statement from President Schapiro regarding graffiti in Millar Chapel

On behalf of the entire Northwestern community, I express our shock and dismay at the abhorrent act of vandalism committed last night in Alice Millar Chapel in which racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and other offensive graffiti was spray-painted on walls, offices and even the organ.

The investigation by University Police has determined that there is no immediate danger to any specific individual or to the larger campus community. Police are reviewing video of the incident and searching for those responsible. Once the perpetrators are identified, they will be arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law.

Northwestern is committed to creating a safe, secure and welcoming environment for all of our students, faculty and staff. This disgusting act of hatred violates the deepest values and core commitments of our University and is an affront to us all.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact University Police at 847-491-3456.


Thank you.

Morton Schapiro

President and Professor


NUBAA’s Response

The Northwestern University Black Alumni Association (NUBAA) again observes the occurrence of a racially explicit hate crime on campus with the defacing of the Alice Millar Chapel. We write this letter to add our voice to the chorus of voices condemning the crime, but importantly, we seek to look past the individual action to bring attention to the environment in which such events continue to occur. A statement from President Schapiro stated “Northwestern is committed to creating a safe, secure and welcoming environment for all of our students, faculty and staff.” Implicit in that statement is an acknowledgement that the current environment is not always welcoming.

Approaching our thirtieth year as Northwestern first and largest national affinity group, NUBAA believes it is time for definitive and decisive action that attacks the aspects of NU’s culture that produce ongoing episodes of racist and otherwise discriminatory actions. Yes, Northwestern has responded to similar individual events in the past and has initiated efforts to enhance tolerance and understanding on campus. However, this crime is yet another reminder that the University needs to comprehensively readdress root causes and institutional conditions that diminish the student experience and the University’s reputation. As we have done in the past, NUBAA stands ready to participate in helping Northwestern meet its commitment.



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