The NUBAA Economy Project

nubaa economy project3

In our previous post, we discussed NUBAA, the million-dollar club. This discussion raises the bar by a few zeroes. What has most impressed me in meeting and chatting with so many of you is how thoroughly successful and accomplished you are. One can’t help but wonder what could be accomplished if we worked together on our business-related efforts. Given that I’m not into hoping and wishing but am more inclined to plan and execute, here we go: allow me to introduce you to The NUBAA Economy Project.

Yes, this is now a thing. Last year, you may recall we began the process of developing a NUBAA Business Directory. Our efforts are meant to be much more active that simply creating a listing of alumni businesses. We know for a fact that we have well over a billion dollars of business activity occurring among our alumni – I guarantee you there will be over a billion dollars in economic ability at the NUBAA Summit alone. It’s time to start circulating that success among each other.

The NUBAA Economy Project is meant to create connections for alumni in the following manners:

  • Alumni should be aware of the activities of others in a way that allows us to support each other directly and through referrals.
  • Alumni should be aware of the talents of others in a way that promotes collaboration on new initiatives.
  • NUBAA should house means to generate financial opportunities and support.

This is what the NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence is all about. The Summit is not just the passive acknowledgement of our individual accomplishments; that’s the “Salute to Excellence Gala” part of the event. The Summit itself is a forum for active engagement in supporting and growing our individual and collective success. At last year’s inaugural Summit, we had entities representing approximately $500 million dollars in procurement opportunities, and contracts were and still are being executed are a result of the Summit. We will do even more of this in Los Angeles.

However, it’s not just procurement. The NUBAA Economy Project is about support. Whether you’re an artist, actor, author, business representative for your company or an entrepreneur, we will work to create connections. Haven’t we been conceptualizing this forever? This is how financial strength is made. It requires collective active participation.

Patricia Hureston Lee, (’79 CAS, ’82 JD) has agreed to head this Task Force, which will work on specific methods to connect us and our efforts across all of our alumni across various NU schools, including graduate and professional. If you are interested in participating on the NUBAA Economy Project’s Task Force or providing information about your business or business efforts, please feel out the contact form below. Thank you for your support of NUBAA and Northwestern University.

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