NUBAA (Financially) Strong: Building a Million Dollar a Year Organization

NUBAA Annual meeting 1

A particular focus of NUBAA’s efforts is to sufficiently expand so that we can simultaneously address the ongoing and emergent needs of the students and build an infrastructure that allows us to address the ongoing and emerging needs of our alumni.

There is a single simple concept we’d like to introduce regarding the future of NUBAA:

NUBAA must be sufficiently financially strong to pursue its objectives in the manner it deems best.

Blackhouse strong

There are two major components to this effort. In this post, we discuss the financial aspect of NUBAA’s growing infrastructure.

We have specifically set a goal of growing NUBAA into an organization that generates no less than a million dollars a year. This amount of financially strength would allow us to grow all our scholarship funds in meaningful ways, advocate for issues of interest, endow professorships (and maybe even the Black House?) and sustain a professional infrastructure.

How do we get there? As you know, we are a dues-free organization, so that isn’t going to get it done.

  • We can accept your direct contributions – just appreciate that donations directly to NUBAA doesn’t qualify under NU’s guidelines for reaching a tax-exempt letter from them.

Grad strong

  • Support one of the NUBAA Endowment Funds. The NUBAA Promise Scholarship is endowed, growing and spinning off scholarships now, but we can and will do more. The NUBAA Achievement Scholarship is in the midst of a $600,000 fundraise that will more than double our total ability to support students. The Gardner-Exum Fund has been supporting students for over a generation. We do ask that you make your University gifts through NUBAA. We would do well to demonstrate our unity and collective financial strength in this way.

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  • You can support our Anchor events, all of which are fundraisers. In case you didn’t know, our anchor events are Destination Homecoming (Oct. 16-18th), The NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence Gala (Feb 26-28th, Los Angeles), The NUBAA 5K Race to Diversity (Spring), and The NUBAA MultiCity Mixers (Summer). There is a difference between attending an event and supporting an event. Understanding our efforts, supporting NUBAA events requires not only your attendance but also your advocacy. Attend with a crew! Become an event sponsor, if it’s within your ability. Support our ad booklets. Make donations.

Sponsor_Summit Strong

  • You can work with us to grow our sponsor base. Do you own a small business or work for a large corporation? NUBAA is not without value. Ask our current major sponsor, Merrill Lynch. We’ve exceeded our performance goals in our relationship with them. Let us create a win-win scenario for your business. It could be meaningful for your career to do so.

Click here to contribute to the NUBAA Achievement Scholarship. To make a donation directly to NUBAA, use the contact form below. If you have questions, contact us via the contact form below.

The next post will discuss The NUBAA Economy Project. Thank you for your ongoing participation and support of NUBAA and Northwestern University. Go Cats!

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