Accept the NUBAA August 31st $10 Challenge

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Alumni have very few ways to actually impact University rankings. One way this occurs is through alumni giving. A higher percentage of alumni who contribute to their university financially is a measure of an engaged alumni.

As you know, we are in the midst of a $600,000 fundraise for the NUBAA Achievement Scholarship, but let’s put aside the amount we’re raising for a moment. Our ask is simple: regardless of the amount you will eventually give, get on the scoreboard TODAY (it’s the end of the fiscal year) with a $10 donation. Increasing the percentage of NUBAA members who contribute to NU displays our engagement, helps the University’s rankings and bodes well for our partnership and upcoming initiatives. Engagement, not withdrawal, is the correct approach.

Our impact can be real.

  • We have 4500 members.
  • We have over 2000 followers on
  • We have over 1600 followers on Facebook.
  • We have over 500 members in our LinkedIn group.

Please take a moment and do it now! Then tag a friend to do the same!

Here’s your link.

Thank you.

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