NUBAA Nation: Call to Action (Part Two): Donate

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General considerations

Many of you already give, and we support everyone supporting NU in whatever way you choose. However, we would like to make a pitch asking you to consider making your alumni donations to NUBAA or through NUBAA. You likely know NUBAA doesn’t independently receive funds and relies on donations to perform its mission.

  • Donating to NUBAA: if you are interested in donating to NUBAA’s general operations, please contact NUBAA President Jeffrey Sterling at to discuss how you can help.
  • Donating to various NUBAA funds and scholarships designed to inspire dialogue and support of the African-American community at NU: As many of you know, NU engages in a needs-based financial aid strategy.
  • Northwestern has several scholarships that are already endowed and could benefit from ongoing support. All of these funds target needy student populations. They include the following:
  1. Promise Scholarship
  2. NUBAA Promise Scholarship
  3. Gardner-Exum Scholarship
  4. Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship
  5. Alpha Kappa Alpha/Cora Regulus Crider Scholarship
  6. The Black House Fund

Introducing the NUBAA Achievement Scholarship (NAS)

NUBAA’s fundraising priority (and thus our specific request for where you direct your giving) for 2014-2016 is a new (and previously unannounced) scholarship named the NUBAA Achievement Scholarship. We fought extremely hard to get a green light on this initiative, which we believe represents the most progressive scholarship on campus. This unique funding opportunity will provide scholarships to talented students who are committed to championing issues unique to the African-American community. This scholarship would prioritize student achievement over absolute need and preference would be given to students with personal and family financial circumstances that make them ineligible for typical scholarship aid or who would benefit from an alternative financial aid calculation methodology. You might ask why an additional scholarship is needed. The NAS directly addresses a segment of students who are admitted to NU but do not choose to enroll because they were offered little to no financial aid. By establishing this scholarship, we hope to have a direct impact on enrollment numbers for this population. It is important to note this will in no way affect funds available to other students in need. Our goal is to raise $600,000 for the NAS over the next 12 months.  If we reach our goal, NAS awards can be given as soon as the 2016-2017 academic year.

Specific Asks

The goal of raising $600,000 for NAS may seem a lot (and it is admittedly more than we’ve attempted to raise before), but in light of the University’s ability to raise $3.75 billion, I’m pretty sure we can accomplish this in a year. We need at least 300 individuals to donate at varying levels to reach our goal. Click here to make a quick one-time payment of the amount of your choice.

The Northwestern University Leadership Circle (NULC) is the group of alumni donors who contribute $1000 or more to NU in a given year. This is easily accomplished by making a one-time gift of $1000+ or establishing a recurring monthly pledge for 12 months that meets or exceeds that target. We need at least 35 individuals to donate at this level to meet our projections.

To reach our goal this year:

  • We need at least 10 individuals to pledge a $5,000 gift over the next year.
  • We need at least 6 individuals to pledge a $10,000 gift over the next year.
  • We need at least 4 individuals to pledge a $25,000 gift over the next year.
  • We need at least 2 individuals to pledge a $50,000 gift over the next year.
  • We need at least 1 individual to pledge a $100,000 gift.

Click here to make your gift or pledge. All gifts to the funds listed above count toward the University’s We Will Campaign. If you’d like to discuss this gift or scholarship with a University official, please contact Robin Mitchell at

I am personally available and working with NU’s Office of Alumni Relations and Development to accommodate your questions or discuss the timing of your gift. Thank you for your support of Northwestern and NUBAA.

Northwestern University Black Alumni Association

NUBAA Achievement Scholarship (NAS)

Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising Goal – $600,000

Date – by June 2016

Gift Amount Number of Gifts Cumulative Total
$100,000 1 $100,000
$50,000 2 $200,000
$25,000 4 $400,000
$10,000 6 $460,000
$5,000 10 $510,000
$1,000 35 $545,000
Under $1,000 100+ $600,000

Thank you for your support of Northwestern University and NUBAA!


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