Proposed Changes to Black House

Dear Extended CIC Family,

As you know, Campus Inclusion and Community (CIC) has grown to encompass Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA), Student Enrichment Services (SES), and Social Justice Education (SJE). As we restructure our departments, we understandably have a growing need for office space. After some discussion and support from the Vice-President of Student Affairs and the Office of Special Projects this summer, the decision was made to move some of our offices.

Over the next few weeks, Student Enrichment Services (SES), Social Justice Education (SJE), and Campus Inclusion and Community will be moving from Scott Hall, to the Black House at 1914 Sheridan Road (Sheridan & Emerson). This new location will allow not only help these areas better connect with students, but provide more office space in Scott Hall for other Student Affairs staff.

MSA staff will be moving to the Multicultural Center, located at 1936 Sheridan Road (Sheridan & Foster). Almost all of the MSA staff will be located on the first floor, allowing for greater student access. In line with our new organizational model, this will bring all of MSA programmatic and educational staff members in to the same building for the first time in MSA’s history, allowing for greater collaboration and partnership. The one exception is MSA’s Program Assistant, Colleen Keefe, who will be moving to the Black House. In addition to her work for MSA, Colleen will be assisting SJE get up and running.

The Gender & Sexuality Resource Center in Norris is still one of CIC’s spaces, and will be staffed by students and professional staff throughout the year. However, the MCC will be the central and permanent location for MSA staff. We know this is a shift, but it was the best way to allow the MSA staff to begin to collaborate and focus on intersectionality in more meaningful ways.

You’ll also see some new and refreshed student space in each house. The carpeting in the Multicultural Center is being completely replaced with new carpet and hardwood, in the fashion of most other Student Affairs spaces. In addition, the TV lounge and computer lab in the Black House will both be relocated to the first floor, replacing the reception area and Charles’ old office. You may not have noticed, but there are doors hidden behind a panel of drywall separating these two offices. The doors have been hidden for decades. These doors will be reopened, so students can move through the new computer lab and TV lounge freely.

Unfortunately, we could not make this move without rearranging some student space. First, in the Multicultural Center, APAC and McSA will now share an office. The office that was previously APAC’s will become the new computer lab. Alianza and SASA, who already share an office, will move to the third floor as well. This will allow MSA’s Administrative Assistant, Daphne Nwankpa, to have an office in the MCC as well. In the Black House, FMO will move across the hall and share an office with OSB (“the red room”). ASA will also move and share an office with NCE. This will allow Andres Carrasquillo, Program Coordinator for Campus Inclusion, Colleen Keefe, Program Assistant for MSA, and Michele Enos, Assistant Director for Social Justice Education, to have offices in the building. Again, we know this is a shift and while we would have preferred to engage with you about these changes when you returned to campus, we needed to move forward with this plan immediately for financial reasons and to address staff office needs.

CIC’s website now features a PowerPoint (PDF) explaining this move, along with our recent structural changes. Our goal with all of these changes is to better serve you all, further our focus on intersectionality and collaboration, and have a greater impact in general.

Of course, we welcome and want your feedback. If you have any questions, thoughts, or just want to talk about these changes, please reach out to any of the CIC staff.

Thank you all so much. I hope you’re enjoying the rest of your summer.

Charles C.M. Kellom
(he / him / his)

Multicultural Student Affairs
Northwestern University

1914 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208

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