NUBAA Nation – Take Action Against Proposed Black House Changes

We are calling on you to stand up and make your voice heard. It has recently come to our attention that space within the Black House is being utilized for office space for other student organizations. The primary concern is that instead of increasing resources for the Black House and Black students, they are diluting direct services to Black students. The full correspondence can be viewed here.

As such, we are calling on YOU to let your voice be heard. Please take part in two simple campaigns:

Campaign 1 – Reach out to Northwestern Leadership, please speak from the heart but here are some NUBAA Talking pointsv2 to help frame your correspondence. Let NU leadership know what the Black House means to you

  1. President Morton Schapiro, 847 491 7456
  2. Provost Dan Linzer 847-491-5117
  3. VP of Student Affairs Patricia Telles-Irvin, 847-491-5360

Campaign 2 –  #‎Myblackhouse campaign, student and alum to post a video telling what the Black House means/have meant to you. The videos should be posted on all social sites.

Dr. Jeffrey Sterling, NUBAA Board President has issued a challenge

I want 500 individual letters sent by tomorrow night and 500 phone calls made Monday morning. Please post your name (if you would) [to our social media site] when you have complied with this request. If successful, this post will reach 1000.

Proudly Purple,
Northwestern University Black Alumni Association

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