The NUBAA 2015 Annual Meeting – Exhale!

NUBAA Annual Meeting 2

So… we had a wonderfully productive Annual Meeting today. We discussed many things, all of which were things in which you should have an interest. Expanding scholarships for students. Enhancing procurement and career opportunities for alumni. The 50th commemoration of the 1968 Bursar’s Takeover. Expansion and improvements of the Black House. Creating an archive of the history of those of African descent on the Northwestern University campus. The NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence Gala. Mentoring students. The 5K Race for Diversity. Our Advisory Board meeting with President Shapiro and approximately 15 other senior members of administration, faculty and staff. Destination Homecoming 2015. Expanding our reach into 26 cities across the US. The NUBAA Business Directory. The MultiCity Mixers. How we became the first NU Club to eliminate dues. Our collaborations with LANU, NUGALA, NUMBALUMS, NU-A5, the NU Clubs of Chicago, DC and DFW. Enhancing Increasing student enrollment. The new African-American hires as Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, as well as Director of Multicultural Student Affairs. Becoming a million dollar a year club… exhale.

Yes, all of this and more were discussed at the Annual Meeting.

NUBAA Annual meeting 1

But you weren’t there.

Now to be clear, we don’t need you to attend a meeting as much as we need you to participate. And to be fair, you’ve done that in droves at our events. Yet, we still don’t have the manpower we need to address the challenges confronting us and to better spread the workload. Our membership is 4500 strong, and we have information on file for 3200 of you. Yet all of this work is mostly being done by a group of about 10 individuals. I think it’s reasonable that we enlist 5% of our membership to work on the myriad of challenges and opportunities available to us.

NUBAA Board 2015

Being involved in NUBAA is not the time-sucker many of you dread it could be. We’ll happily take whatever you can offer in whichever area you’re interested in contributing. Please take a moment, glance at our website and fill out the below contact form. Get involved. You’re needed, and you know your efforts will make a difference. We’re giving you dues for free. Can we get a return on that investment with just a bit of help on one of our projects? #NUBAASTRONG means #NUBAAINVOLVED. Please consider being part of the solution. You’ll be very proud of what we can accomplish together.

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