The Mandela Washington Fellowship


We have received correspondence from the Program of African Studies here at NU, where 25 young African leaders are hosted for the Mandela Washington Fellowship, the flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI). This summer, these Fellows will come to Northwestern for business and entrepreneurship training and will take academic classes out of the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation as well as participate in site visits to businesses, community service, and cultural exchanges.


NU is looking to match these Fellows with Americans that are similar in age and experience so that they can meet one on one, informally throughout the institute to share ideas and network. The Program of African Studies is reaching out to NUBAA in order to connect us with this opportunity.

To complement the Institute, Northwestern seeks Peer Collaborators that will be able to meet regularly to share ideas and develop a professional relationship with a Fellow. Communication should take place at least once a week for the six weeks, with in-person meetings occurring at least 3-4 times. These interactions will be on an individual basis in order to best develop an impactful relationship, both professionally and personally.


There is more information about the Fellowship and the Peer Collaborator component attached. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Matthew Pietrus (program coordinator for MWF at NU’s Program of African Studies) can be contacted directly at 847-491-7323 or via

If interested, please fill out this brief interest form.

Check the two files below for still more information.

peer collaborator one pager Updated Fact Sheet_Mandela Washington Fellowship 2015

Thank you for supporting NUBAA, NU, NAA and the students affected by our efforts. We need you.



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