The NUBAA Summit and Salute to Excellence Gala Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is the Summit?

The Summit has already become NUBAA’s signature event, before the first day! The Summit is a business and entrepreneur symposium meant to bring issues of interest, business opportunities and esteemed NU alumni together for networking and procurement.

  1. What’s the difference between The Summit and The Salute to Excellence Gala?

The event has two components: The Summit is the business and entrepreneur event and will feature lectures, networking and actual opportunities to secure contracts and career advancement. The Salute to Excellence Gala is a Black Tie event celebrating our success as NU grads and NUBAA Nation.


  1. Why Miami instead of Chicago/Evanston?

The Summit is meant to be a destination event. We will feature warm weather locations to provide you (and your family, should you choose) with a chance to get away from those cold winters.


  1. What’s the cost?

Early bird registration for the full event is $795 and is good until Dec. 20th. Afterward, the cost will increase to $895. The cost excluding hotel is $749. For non-alum spouses the cost is $495 and excludes hotel, registration bag and materials, seminars and luncheon; includes all other events. The cost of just a ticket to the Salute to Excellence Gala is $200.


  1. Why does it cost so much?

Actually it doesn’t. We’re basically offering this to NUBAA members at cost. All you have to do is get there! The cost includes two nights at the hotel, all meals and events, including transportation to offsite Opening Reception catered by a local celebrity chef with entertainment by live band; all seminars and materials, special receptions and the Gala.

  1. How can I make the cost cheaper?

We’ve arranged to allow participants to reduce costs by soliciting ads. Half of every dollar you solicit in an ad purchase defrays the cost of your registration fee. You can attend The Summit at no cost simply be obtaining three full-page ads! Here are the prices: Full page (8.5×11): $500, Half page $375, Quarter page: $275.


  1. Why is NUBAA doing this?

NUBAA is bringing alumni together in a way never previously accomplished. Kings and Queens of industry and entertainment are being made accessible for the purpose of networking and career advancement. The event will also become our major fundraiser and will support our scholarships, programming and other efforts to support NU’s mission and our objectives.

  1. What’s in it for me?

It’s all about you (and the students)! We will have representatives from corporations representing approximately $1 billion in procurement opportunities. We will have corporations with whom we have arranged to provide defined career opportunities for NUBAA members. We will have alumni available to provide networking, referrals and other means of support to advance your career and/or business.

  1. Who’s going to be there?

You haven’t heard? Our list of honorees at The Gala includes Will Evans, Gail Hasbrouck, Warren Lawson, Harry Lennix, Renetta McCann and Dr. Charles Modlin. If you don’t know of these individuals, shame on you, and you should get to! This is living NUBAA history. We will have the Director of NU’s Procurement Office present. We will have the President of the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce present. We have about a half-dozen senior officials from NU tentatively scheduled. We have speakers from Leo Burnett, the National Association of Corporate Directors, Loop Capital Markets, Harvard University, Merrill Lynch Financial Advisors/Wealth Management, Toyota and Miller/Coors. The only thing missing is YOU!


  1. Ok, so I’m convinced. How do I register?

Head over to Our Northwestern, and register on the NUBAA page at or go to Of course, you can obtain even more information from the NUBAA website (

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See you in South Florida! You do not want to miss this.

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