We Are Northwestern!

Northwestern University Black Alumni Association


NU’s 2013 Alumni Club of The Year

The Northwestern University Black Alumni Association (NUBAA) represents over 4,500 alumni of African descent around the world with satellites in 25 U.S. cities and counting. The mission of NUBAA is to represent the interests of black alumni, at either the undergraduate or graduate level, thereby deepening their commitment to the University and to serve as a resource to Northwestern in its efforts to recruit and graduate more African-American scholars. NUBAA fulfills this mission by providing extensive alumni networking opportunities and financial support for programs designed to increase the black student population, including scholarships.

Strategic Programming Focus:

NUBAA’s Anchor Programming events include the Destination Homecoming Events, The NUBAA Summit and Salute To Excellence Gala, The NUBAA 5K Race for Diversity and The NUBAA MultiCity Mixers. Through these events, our infrastructure of 25 affiliated NUBAA MultiCity Groups and additional programming, we stay focused on the following.

  • Networking
  • Fundraising
  • Activism

Goals 2014–2016 Term:

NUBAA has the most ambitious agenda perhaps in its history. We’ve already expanded our reach across the country with 25 MultiCity Groups and have an expanded Board of over 75 members. We’ve already tripled our membership. We’ve convened our Inaugural NUBAA Advisory Board meeting, featuring NU President Shapiro and multiple key members of the University student body, faculty, staff and administration. We are introducing exciting new programming, most notably including the NUBAA Summit and Celebration of Excellence Gala, to be held in South Florida in January, 2015. We’re introducing a new scholarship fund for incoming students. We’re archiving our rich and long history at Northwestern. We’re planning for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Bursar Office Takeover that led to a significant and sustained African-American present at Northwestern. Our new Task Forces address student enrollment, graduation and supporting their campus experience, as well as faculty recruitment and development. Through our corporate partners, we are able to offer career opportunities and information to students and alumni.

Engagement: NUBAA needs you. Whether you volunteer a percentage of your time per year or per month, or take 5 minutes to donate a percentage of your income…We’ll take it! Please browse our site and familiarize yourself with NUBAA’s aspirations for its students and opportunities for its alumni. Contacts are noted for each effort for ease in volunteering or asking questions. Thank you for your support! We represent everything Northwestern. We are proudly and passionately purple.

Jeffrey Sterling, MD (WCAS’85) NUBAA President

Northwestern University Black Alumni Association

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